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Winnipeg and Burlington June 2016

Simon Head here. Tour manager, sound guy and general baby sitter at your service.

We started out on Thursday June 16th and we flew out to Winnipeg. We usually head to the city we’re playing in a day early to avoid any airport unpleasantries. We arrived at the Hotel to find out that the patio bar was celebrating Tupac Shakur’s birthday. The basket ball game was on and the music was pretty loud. My drink was ordered for me and it turned out to be a Mexican Bulldog. A margarita with a coronita sticking out of it.

The next day was a pretty filled day with press and rehearsals. The show at the Red River ex was smooth except that the wrong microphone was brought out for Amanda’s vocal. It was fixed by the 2nd song. Thanks silly stage monitor guy. After several adult beverages, we headed to the airport for 2:30AM to catch a 5AM flight. I’m sure that we all fell asleep as soon as we sat down and I didn’t wake up until we landed in Toronto. Amanda and Tyler headed to Amanda’s place and Justin and myself headed to Burlington to sleep more in the band RV supplied backstage.

Burlington was very hot. The crew and people at the Sound of Music festival were welcoming and accommodating. After the set, Amanda and Tyler made it to the merchandise table to sign some autographs and take some pictures with the nice people. Did I mention how hot is was? a poor lady passed out in the line. Personally I was feeling the heat. Or maybe it was the lack of sleep catching up with me.

See you all soon down the road somewhere

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Alberta and Ontario

Hello Folks

Great time out in Whitecourt Alberta.  We had some great hang time with our west coast band members.  Tyler Dianocky, Amber Baur and Kirby Barber rocked as per usual.

Our trek started at 10PM when we flew to Edmonton for 1AM.  We met up with the west coast compadres and set out towards Whitecourt.  Once we figured out how to use the climate control system of the Airport shuttle, we were in business.  The folks at the Eagle River Casino rented us a huge, comfy shuttle to get us to and from Whitecourt. Two hours later, we were in town and in our beds.  We all woke up at various times in the day and got picked up to head to our first gig at the casino.  The show went off and we had a great time.  The highlight of the day was the rehearsal we set up in the band room as well as a disney musical jam in the hotel later that night.

The next gig was an outdoor show in the Rotary Park.  It was the towns main event to mark the end of summer.  It was FREEZING!! 3 degrees during the day.  It was a good thing no one travelled with warm clothes seeing it was over 30 degrees in Ontario.  As 3AM approached we all jumped back in the airport shuttle and headed east back to Edmonton,  This time with a functioning heater!  We said our good-byes to Amber, Kirby, Tyler and our new guitar tech Colton Taylor and flew home to Toronto at 7AM.

With very little sleep and humid heat, we landed in Toronto at noon and travelled to the next gig in Port Perry Ontario.  What a great night!  It really felt that Port Perry was on our side.  We had sing alongs and some great moments in the set.  The highlight was ‘Slow Down’ thanks for the claps folks!!

Five days later, we were back at it heading to Renfrew Onatario to play their 161st fair.  A great set up with a great crew of folks.  We met some cool folks at the VIP Meet & Greet as well as some more neat folks at the star 96 contest winners.  The autograph session was awesome and new friends were made.

Here’s some people we need to mention:

Charlene, Andy, Colton in Whitecourt.
Barbie and all at the Port Perry Fair.
Gerd, Shane, Kevin, Judy and the Merch girl at the Renfrew fair (Sorry I forgot your name)

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August 7th 2015 | Boots & Hearts

Hello, Simon the Tour Manager here..

We had a great time at the Boots & Hearts festival.  It was the bands first time playing it and it was a perfect opportunity for me to see some very old and dear friends.  It was the first day of the festival and we only got lost 5 times.  Sorry to the folks at the meet & greet tent,  it was nice to see you all!! The pictures will be posted soon.

The show went pretty smooth although the heat was unbearable for the band.  Some gear over-heated, but all in all a good performance. Thanks to all the local crew, especially Biscuit for the smooth day and super quick change overs.  Thanks to the Front of House technician Russel for the support.  I will be posting some videos soon for not only this last show, but the last show we did in Palmer Rapids Ontario.

There was some family presence at the show.  Steve got up and performed 26 Cents and it was Indy’s, Amanda’s 9 month old,  first show.

Looking forward to Septembers shows.  See you all soon

Simon/ Tour Manager / Sound guy

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Winnipeg!! The land of puddles!!

Hey Winnipegers.. We didn’t do any autograph session that day.

We’re sorry, there were politics at play. So that means that there is no page available for downloading your pictures that we didn’t take..
We do however have some good stuff available in the store... Autographed CD’s, Shirts, Live shows.

Fun Fun Fun!!!

Great to see your wonderful faces!!
Hope to come back to the peg as soon as possible!!

PS.. Walk Off The Earth were ‘effin amazing to watch both out front and from backstage!!!!!

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What a fun night!! We hung with the guys in Doc Walker.  What a great bunch of dudes!! They had a day off and decided to come back to the Boothill Jamboree and Be merry with us!!

Thanks to Vicki and all at the Boothill Jamboree, we had a blast and the weather was great!! Way better than at Boots & Hearts!!

We had a great Meet & Greet with some radio winners and VIPs, then we had an even better autograph session at the merch table. Hope to see all your beautiful faces real soon!!

Hugs n kisses STP/ Admin

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Cornwall!! ’twas Fun!

Hello Simon here.. I do sound and tour manage the Small Town Pistols!! I also take the pictures at the autograph sessions as well as administer this website.. We met some great folks in Cornwall!! Special thanks to Jason the promoter, the Doc Walker band and crew.  And a big big thanks to all the volunteers that made the Kinsman Liftoff a great day for all When I arrived to the site.. It was raining like crazy.. We were all worried that the show would be a bust.. Luckily, the rain lifted and we had a great show. Good Times!!! Please check out the recording of the show.. You can purchase it for $10 if you go here.  Also if you check out all of the other shows we have played, there is those shows available for purchase as well..  There’s some unreleased songs as well as some old classics!! Cornwall marks the half way point of our summer concert run.  The band will then go into the studio and finish off their 2nd album yet to be named.. Tyler and Amanda will then prepare for parenthood when they both will be gifted bundles of joy.  (Amanda in November, Tyler in December) Port Hope is next on July 26th.. We’re offering Meet & Greet sessions here in the store.. it’s a better deal if you sign up with Four people at once.. it’s the price of three.  While you’re there, check out the shirts we have for sale.. The white ones are almost all gone, so get one today!! Thanks for your awesome support!! Simon/ STP Admin

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Fredericton!! FUN FUN FUN!!

We drove and drove for about 14 hours.. Made a new rule regarding if you can’t see the restaurant from the highway.. It doesn’t exist!!
Thanks to Bobbie the event planner that made everyone feel at home and comfortable!
Thanks to the event crew and staff for getting everything together.. It is a thankless job.
Also a big thanks to you the people that came out and waited in line to meet Amanda and Tyler at the autograph session.

We hope to see you all again real soon